Monday, October 6, 2014

Do Nice Things

Saturday my friend and I went to tour the White House. Once you get outside those pillars there you can take photos and do whatever you want. 
We took some funny ones. Far away ones. Up close ones. 

Then, this family asked us to take a picture for them and send it to them because they didn't bring their phones. Like good citizens. (On the White House tour ticket it says you can bring your phone. But no purse.) 
So, of course, I did. 

What a good lookin' family. I texted the mom the photos. And then three hours later, she sent me this text: 
You are awesome! Thank you so much for the pics! Now, 20 years from now I'll still remember we were there! You are sweet to have done that for us!

What a great human moment. Sometimes I love people. 

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